Here, now, crystal awareness of myself, of the moment. Suddenly the space is covered in mist and we stare into each other’s eyes. He is very much alive, big, mighty and red dragon. Before I was fully aware of his presence, with all his force he blows fire into me. His fire was aiming straight at my chest, where it also stayed. I accepted its power, with no fear at all. So many questions, feelings and insights go through you, but life went forward with its course.

One day I had a vision. Exactly where the fire hit, everything began to peel off, as if the pieces of charcoal had fallen off and there was something glittering underneath, as if watching a diamond through the entire chest. At the burning of all that had to burn and crystallization of what is leading you, life ran its course.

This mighty dragon reappeared. This time I was in some kind of other world. We were standing at a distance when again it blows fire into me. This time I managed to catch it and from it make a fireball. This power was transferred into my palms and I felt the fearlessness to the highest possible point. The hands clearly indicated that they could emit fire by themselves, even without the fireball.

Heralds of eternal love

And he came. He breathed his being into me, not realizing what power he carries within himself. Everything inside me he melts, as the kingdom of heaven would drop by drop seep into every corner of my being. Breath in, breath out.

My step is becoming like his, his determination becomes mine, his laughter gives meaning - to live. In silence we have experienced what even today man try to accomplish with words. The body previously bowed now stands in a state of determination, that which it carries within itself is real and ready to give itself away completely.

Perhaps we never gaze in each other's eyes, perhaps we never feel the beating of a heart in the embrace of these bodies, but love has succeeded in knitting a special bond. We have come to a point when we spread our wings, we rise freely into flight, as a heralds of eternal love.

Rough sea

With such an ease you wake the rough sea in a fit of all the emotions that strike towards me.

Rise worth the loss of breath, without intimidation, for I do not want to cross the border in which I erase my existence.

The rise is just an open wound, which is being prepared for healing with its descent.

In search of excuses to prove how all this beauty can be erased by your touch of beliefs that nothing is forever.

When your shadow fades in my light, only then you see the divine presence of what you are.

The spiral

Like you would be in the abyss, but you do not need a solution.

Like you would be lonely, but you do not need company.

Like you would be falling, but you do not need a safety net.

Like you would be spinning in a hurricane, but still you are still.

Everything you have managed to overcome in your life's journey is swirling like a spiral around your being, but you do not want to stop it.

Exactly this passion, determination, desire to enhance this feeling, transform it into an unforgettable experience.

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