Love in the palm of your hand

I can be …

I can be heavenly mercy
a heart beating only for you
with me you can touch the heaven
the weight of our bodies I am lifting.

I can be goodness, a hand in need
voice of reason, thoughts clear
with my heart I stand to defend you
I take the fear and pain away.

I can be a drop, a clear stream
the river, sea, that cleanses emotions
I can be a wave, its power
a mountain, a desert or mysterious woods.

I can be the heat of the sun that warms you
I can be a star, sowing love
I can be the sky, drop of rain
the lightness of your step.

I can be a fire, volcano’s power
a passion that lights instantly
more and more you hunger for my touch
the reality slips the ground from under your feet.

Beside me you can know yourself
everything you receive, you reflect into me
what is bad, I turn into light
in the embrace of love I rather hold you.

Traveling into the depth of yourself

I look into myself with open eyes
before me the universe, the starry routes
the hidden passages in the moonlight
the vision of dreams, led by desire.

With morning I am reborn in the warmth
with the first rays, singing birds, silence
the invisible weight is taking farewell
a brief body I take off myself.

I visit corners visible to the eyes
as a crystal tear I echoe in the ear
the waves rage in my presence
I am reaching heart’s bottom depth.

Take a breath, I am coming
with a wave of heat I announce my arrival
on the chest a feeling, that you are not alone
you flow the love into your palm.

With a deep breath, I return the weight
to a feathery lightweight body
I finish my travel
in a safe place I save hidden dreams.

Inside the forest path

Composed of bits of dust
I sip the juice from roots
I tremble with the smell of the forest
on my chest the imprint of your footprints.

With ardor, I turn my gaze to you
when I try to embrace the love that smolders within you
a seed during the fuse of a water drop
births a miracle, gifts you a part of itself.

In my world

I am like a leaf on the branch of a tree
like a ray of the sun that creates wonders
like a drop on hot skin
like a melody that circles with the wind
I am like a bird, high in flight
in my dreams, in my world.

In the silence of the day

In the silence of the day, the breath of life
revives in me almighty love.

Through the golden threads of light
through the magic waterfall of crystal tears
passion awakened through the drumming waves
love finally free by flight with wings.

Through the shelter, under the tree’s crown
through the melody of singing birds
as mighty mountains’ inner strength
as torrential waters’ persistence.

You are a kiss of divine grace
the gentlest touch from depth of the heart
the gentle beat in our energies’ embrace
You are a romantic night’s starry glow.

In the silence of the day, the breath of life
revives in me almighty love.

The world of silence

I am just a thought that waves in the breath of the universe
air, that fills the lungs
water, that flows through veins
fire, started with kisses
the soil, fertile with wisdom.

All this in the breath of morning’s freshness.

Heart beat apart

I feel your footsteps
you came, you came from far away
tirelessly you go ahead
all glowing from grace.

Your seed of love grows inside of me
grows like a mighty tree
full of secrets, wisdom
that her power does not extinguish.

You are in me
no touch does reach so far
and at the same time so close
this place you live in.

With every new heartbeat I know
that you are with me
now, here
where is your eternal home.

Wings of love

I feel you, the path leads me to you
to the light, into the shelter of your palms
to the warmth, the beat of your heart
to the grace, the tear for lifting the spirit.

The glance into your bright eyes
calms everything what lives in me
the softness of your voice
takes me to the ocean of peace.

Lightly as a feather I glide
I love everything, I live in everything
you are giving me the wings, the spirit floats
I am in you and you are in me.

The spirit of love

On the wings of silence, I will come to you
you will feel the beat, love so true
I will gently dive into your soul
within I will be born.

The warmth is going down your head
down the shoulders, arms and hands
down the body, legs and feet…
I will softly whisper in your ears.

Come with me, I’ll let you see
the world where you can stay with me
the feelings of fear and pain will be gone
as soon as you step into my home.

The light will come through your heart
the body and soul will be apart
the spirit will grow, shine like a star
the energy will blow your mind.

Slowly the thoughts are coming back to you
analyse anything that is new
you wish for me to come again
open your heart so that I can.

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