Light in the dark

My name is …

When tear flows down the cheek
when every word loses sense
when anxiety eats you up inside
when sadness goes deep
do not forget about me, I am living within you
we are in this together.

My name is known to you
sent as a tear on the palm
it is me, who is giving warmth
I am easing all the pain for you
I never, ever give up
I am whispering you the right path.

Is it now known, who is speaking to you?
that your heart now hurts a little less
that is right, it is me
the heavenly love that speaks
may your heart never go to sleep.

New hope

I am here for you, solid as a rock
although a tear is betraying me
a tear of love, that flows down for you
that new hope in you is born.

The shadow of doubt hangs over happiness
so look at me, look me in the eyes
look a tear, that is flowing down for you
let the sadness slowly melt away.

Look at me, look me in the eyes
look a tear, that is flows for you
a tear, that brings you back
your happiness’ shine.

Do you feel the warmth that engulfs your body?
do you feel freedom, all the love?
endless love, that lives in you
no shadow can defeat it.

Your footprints

As steep as the path may be
let it be thorns, stones or entrance of hell
at the right time you will turn your sight
the pain will be lost.

Follow the beat of my heart
let it give you a new hope
may paths be shown
where wounds are no more.

Do not fear to go my way
submit to my love
you have been living in my haven for so long
it is time, to finally wake up.

Look, there is no darkness, there is light
no obstacles, just a carpet
woven from love and warmth
in which forever your footprints reside.

She is coming for you

Dark chambers, coolness, cobwebs
in the corner a hidden image of memory
overrides silence voices of solitude
on the throne a hope she comes for you.

She sails on the river of your tears
hiding from the tornado, when the rage is wild
she heals her wounds on thorny paths
calls she follows on a lonely night.

The thunder, sometimes lightning strikes
neither a gap stops her
she breathes deeply, jumps obstacles
she gives the gifts she carries with her.

Her voice awakens the sleeping nature
heart’s love opens the room
grace in her eyes turns on the lights
the coolness yields before the heat.

You came to hug me

You came in lonely tear
you are revealing your home to me
in silence you take me on a journey
in infinity, flowing between planets
alongside coloured dust
their melody vibrates in me
tears flow, flow.

Your power stronger than my grace
worlds millions of light-years apart
you came, you came to hug me.

Trust in love, which through tears heals your wounds

On the chest, a loving palm, warmth
grace flows instead of blood
light before my eyes
giving the image, that you are with me.

A first tear, weight of pain
the second, gift of your grace
the third is mine, a praise to you
the fourth, heals my wound.

Insurmountable differences

Are you strong enough to taste my strength?
just look me in the eyes, I will take you away
to see, to feel, you sense everything in me
you do not pretend, you play.

With a glance two worlds met
in his; rage, resentment, sadness to the grave
in hers; dreams, flowers, trees, streams
in both, love in hand.

Dreams accepted his rage
resentment listened to the pulse of the trees
sadness got a pleasant scent
tear drops born from the love in the eyes.

The beat of a young heart

Listen to the singing, which frees the chains of time
unexpectedly it veils the past into expecting a new day
a tear washes sadness in observing happiness
time relentlessly slips through the hidden longing.

The light of divine love travels inaudibly through wishes desire
through the drumming thoughts of upcoming judgments
to be the child of love, the being of eternal youth
with heavenly kingdom’s inspiration in the youthful heart.

Trust in love

Dark clouds have gathered over me
lightning strikes from everywhere
rain, hail- your grieving stare
is restless in my soul.

The ground has opened under me
and separated our paths
doubt, fear, darkened eyes
my heart will bring you back to light.

The feral river full of blood
makes a heartbeat go insane
when delusional is your thought
in mine embrace you’ll find a way.

There are no limits for your kindness
but if it gets entrapped and silenced
just put all your regrets aside
and travel hand in hand with me.

Solitude and sleepless nights
longing, sadness worries my eyes
a teardrop falls without a sigh
in my eyes you’ll find your might.

Love so strong, that it hurts

Pressure on the chest, weight
the heart stretches more and more
the force gives you fear in the bones
what to do with so much power.

The body is too small, it’s getting too tight
any time now, you will blow up
you want to undress from what is keeping you safe
remains only soul that is rising.

It reveals a new world to you, unknown to you
to stay here or enter it?
you watch from a distance, you gather the strenghts
emotion is growing, the mind is making you blind.

Every excuse ingeniously derived
to avoid this, but in vain
something invites you, you want to live in it
when will you accept a decision for this?

Past picture of the current days

Past picture of the current days
you kill love with an illusion that does not exist
you crush the little bit of what’s left
to send common sense in confusion.

You managed to sink into the depths
change calm waters into waves
to call up storms, black clouds
hail is falling, makes it difficult to walk, steps.

But you didn’t count on the sun to shine again
with a single touch, all this go away
that everything calms down at some point
in its own calm stream flows back
continues to love the loving heart.

The rainbow is drawn after every pain
tear brings peace, joy in depth
the wisdom that comes from it
holds eternal love even more tight.

The touch of love

The darkness hour, the scream of pain
the shadows rise, to rule again
no moon, no sun, no day or night
the force of nature starts to fight.

The shadows come, to take her soul
the pain strikes heart, the tear is born
the spark of light, the whisper of hope
she starts spreading her love.

She slowly comes to ease your pain
that you trust in her again
she takes from you the sadness, the fear
all the shadows disappear.

Everything she touches comes alive
the sun in the morning, the moon at night
her love is bond, everlasting time lost in space
only heart can feel her touch, keep the trace.

From the first breath, till the last day

I would rage, screaming to the sky
break the hurdles, open the ground
raise waves to cool the passion
drumming in my chest, the universe wants you.

I watch how everything in you is dying
you can do it, trust yourself to me
you grow with the power of universal love
finally start believing in it.

Feel how you undress your body
raise above everything that has been
form the thoughts caught in the past
glowing, they will lead you to the future.

When your battle will be over
you will know that I was with you
from the first breath, till the last day
until love embraces everything.


Today hope is not with me
I am tearing pain from my bones
even my breath tastes aquatic
today, today, I do not exist.

To the groaning feelings I am listening
they are clanking, they own me
they wrap chains around my neck
they swallow me in the abyss of fear.

Image in the shards – the bottom
I taste the sorrow, the pain, the evil
I am losing the battle, common sense
I’m going to blow up…. boom.

On the last strings, at the end of the path
the voice of love awakens me from the trance
the scent of doom, the image of rotting
replaced with a child of longing.

New birth

The floor shook, hurricanes knocked down the walls
the sky was torn, space in the flood
lightning struck, everything was burning
hail was falling, resounded in screams.

You are mindlessly running, looking for shelter
you are alone, no one is searching for you
you pray, that the nightmare be done
in another place, time, it would send you.

You are looking for the meaning of life, but there is none
why I was born, why is there suffering?
you are losing the battle, you want to surrender
in the same time fall asleep forever.

The pulse is calming, the body is cooling
slowly you are leaving from where you are
before you take your final farewell
warmth in your chest, love revives your body.

Free from all the burdens, excess fears
you brought love safely home
your heart beats with her help
in gratitude, never forget.

The sound of a lonely scream

The thought hits, the memories come to life
from under the wings into freedom they strive
you keep your dreams, you want to have them
until you begin to choke, it hurts.

Hidden in the whisper of lonely silence
tears flow, anxiety lasts
awareness that it must be so
every farewell carries its weight.

You can tear your soul, a silent scream
you can hide, you can run
you can blame others, you can play dumb
you can look at life only from distance.

You can give freedom, swing your wings
you let your dreams return again
love remains, eternally knits ties
for all who stayed or have left.

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