In the shelter of nature

Beauty of Existence

The morning sun begins to rise
see that wonder, that big surprise
the nature wakes, it comes alive
has different shapes, colours and size.
And when it slowly goes to sleep
the sun goes down, the moon starts to keep
all the strength for a brand new day
the stars are shining the night away.

Smell the sea, when wave is crashing down
the flowers, which rise with the sun
the fresh cut grass you are walking on
all the plants we are living from.
Smell the air in the morning, day and night
it’s amazing, you can’t deny
smell the person you love so much
it’s heaven, it’s a heavenly touch.

Listen the drops when it rains
listen when storm on the sky makes shapes
when river flows into a sea
when wind plays with a tree.
Listen carefully, you’ll be amazed
what lovely sounds the nature makes
listen silently, feel the love
when it whispers from above.

Close your eyes, let your mind free
forget the nature, all you can see
feel the energy flowing in your veins
the beat of a heart, without a pain.
The light is taking your weight away
there is no ground, you can stay
it lifts your spirit, it’s totally free
in the ocean of love, where it’s supposed to be.

Mother nature

Enough sleeping
I will open the door
with heart that has feared
for million years and more.

The power of love is growing in me
I will strike like a storm, wave like the sea
I will rise like the sun, be pround as a tree
I’ll be light as air, breathe like the wind.

The passion of your hearts will burn up in flames
the beat of a drum will make you all dance
your smiles will break the chains of fear
the heavenly sounds your ears will hear.

The moon will share the dreams at night
the heart will resist any fight
stars will show you the path of glory
just feel her love and listen to her story.

The echo of the sea, waves in me

Sun gently kisses the skin
drinks sliding drops with a scent of salt
silky softness of sandy pillow
the echo of the sea, waves in me.

The light carries me to highlands
I raise my palms freely into the sky
in the embrace of comfort, awakened passion
accelerates the pulse, runs the blood.

Thundering waves let me down from highlands
the depths invite me in their port
their tones are getting louder
I am mirrowing that day into myself.

Sparkling blue with a scent of salt
with its flow hides my tracks
echo of the sea, calm waves
in it, gentle voices are heard.

Mighty waves

Waves are raging, whiteness in blue
magnificent descents, raises
hits the power, in the rocks of coast
the mystery of the depths takes your breath away.

The decisive steps of the sea gods
Increase the power, raise the waves
spray the drops, hit the surface
crystalline bands land in depth.

It sucks you into a wave of energy
you cross the border of reality, illusion
you become ruler of the drops that are gliding
with moves you create a rhythm, with a beat melody.

With the breath comes the scent of salt
freshness cools the hot blood
restlessness in chest is preparing to jump
you grow as a wave, to the sky high.

The wonders of nature

Illuminated corners of the waking nature
an embrace of dew drops on the leaf
the scent of greenery along the forest trail
in the air morning freshness.

The leafs wave at the touch of the wind
the bow of the branches to the game of light
birds singing echo in the distance
bubbling of crystal waters.

Letting down of the light threads on the water level
glittering drops in peaceful stream
draws a reflection on a silky carpet
loses time in all this beauty.

The softness of moss, mighty trees
clear stream, crystal river
birds singing echo in the distance
the sky colores with red colour.

The wonders of the nature in all its shine
create peace, create harmony
listen to the silence, the melody it creates
in its shelter pleasently pamper.

Angelic tune

The beauty carries you on the waves of comfort
caressing awakening depths of feelings
with every new inhale, exhale
love warms the heart with warmth.

Dreamy glance, captured moment
the veil of time reveals secrets
through invisible threads, ties of a nature
in the embrace of energies, you feel its pulse.

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